This article captures the details of how CarryWork works in very simple terms. We earlier made a post on how to get started with CarryWork. In this post, we take it a step further to show you facts about how CarryWork works. That is, how you can get to work with CarryWork.

Remember, CarryWork is for sellers of services, that is vendors or professional freelance services and then of course customers/buyers/clients.

So, Let’s begin.

To start work with CarryWork, you’ll first need to have an account. So you’ll need to create one by downloading the CarryWork app on the Google Play Store. At the point of registering, you choose the account you will operate with which should be based on why you register, either to buy or sell on the platform. 

The next thing you’d need to do if you are registering as a seller would be to update your profile file under the services category you belong to, afterwards you Post your available services and the pricing, remember to upload real photos of your work which can help customers have an idea of what to expect and further helps them to know if you are who they are looking for.

That said, if you are registering as a buyer, the first thing you need to do after signing up is to update your profile, and search for the services you are looking for under the different categories you will find. Once you have found one and have agreed to the pricing, make sure you fund your account. With the various available options such as the Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, Debit Card, and

Credit Card all available on the platform, and buyers can easily fund their accounts.

Having funded your account, you’ll then choose among the variety of sellers the ones you’d like to work with. You’ll need to do this carefully based on the service you want to buy and your expectations from whoever will offer this service that you require. Your patience as you search will help you find sellers that provide the service that matches your desire.

When you’ve found them, the last thing to do is pay for your service and work begins. CarryWork will present you the affordable charges and service fees upfront. When you get it, you will need to make payment for the seller to begin your work.

When you follow all of the above steps, you’ve just passed through the processes of how CarryWork works. They’re as summarized below:

Step 1: Create Your Account

Step 2: Fund Your Account 

Step 3: Choose Sellers to Work With

Step 4: Pay for Your Service


With the 4 simple steps examined in this article, you’re adequately equipped with how CarryWork works. With the sufficient information provided in this article on how CarryWork works, you can confidently get to work with CarryWork.

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