Most Lucrative Small Businesses In Nigeria (2022)

Most lucrative small businesses in Nigeria? Yes, you should know them! If you don’t, you might get to choose a side hustle which will earn you less profit. 

If you’re about to learn a skill or get a side hustle to earn money, then this post is for you!

Take a deep breath, and relax your nerves as you read to discover the most lucrative small businesses in Nigeria (2022). 

Let’s get started.


5 Most Lucrative Small Businesses In Nigeria


1. Home Tutoring

This small business in Nigeria is for men and women who can teach. 

There are many pupils and students in urban areas of Lagos that need extra attention on their academics. Most of them have rich parents willing to pay for home tutoring services.

Consequently, home tutors in Nigeria earn from #30,000 to around #100, 000 just on a maximum of 2 children. Going forward, you could earn as much as #70,000 on just tutoring a single child.

2. E-book Writing

Writing and selling e-books is also one of the lucrative side hustles in Nigeria you can consider.

All you need is the ability to write and promote the ebooks for sale. Now, to write about e-books that will convert well, have its topic be centred on money-making. 

If you play your cards well, you’ll make hundreds of thousands selling your ebook, with time and consistent efforts in sales promotion.

3. Laundry Services

Laundry Services is a small business that takes little capital, to begin with. All you need is to connect with many people around you. Afterwards, advertise your laundry service intention – to wash and iron clothes for them.

Also, be open and interact with people who can connect you to interested prospects. 

Apparently, this side hustle doesn’t require expensive tools like the washing machine. With your bare hands and a good iron, you can start.  Later on, you can get expensive tools.

4. Barbing 

To begin barbing as a small business, all you need is a clipper and your barbing skill. With just these tools, you can earn cool money and better your life. 

You don’t need much capital to begin, just money to get these basic tools. You may get a nice shop if you have the money. However, you can start from home if you don’t have enough!

5. Hairstyling

Hair styling is one of the lucrative small businesses in Nigeria. 

When you learn this skill and take the time to establish expertise around the practice, you’ll be earning nothing less than #50,000 to #100,000 monthly. 

The amazing part is that you may not need a shop, to begin with. You only just need to market yourself well and connect with people who need your service at their various homes.

While starting out, you may not even need a shop. For instance, if you’re good enough with the skill, it won’t be long before people rely on you to connect you to their homes, and places they could meet you to serve them.


In conclusion, it’s important to recognize the lucrative small businesses you can pick up for side hustles in Nigeria. This is why this post has gone the extra mile to research the top 5 best picks of the lucrative small businesses in Nigeria, for you. 


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